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The home fragrance industry, particularly candles, is on fire. More than ever before, there really is a candle or a home fragrance brand for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something fun like Otherland or Boy Smells, traditional like Diptyque or Cire Trudon, highly decorative like Les Ruches or The Luxuriate, there really is something for everyone. If you’re looking for your next everyday favorite that combines all of the above (fun, with a bit of tradition and a modern aesthetic) look no further than Gibson & Dehn.

Patrick Clayton, the co-founder, launched Gibson and Dehn this time last year. We have actually known each other for years and I remember when he started developing Gibson and Dehn. I was thrilled when he decided to have the brand available for wholesale on The Main Tab, as it truly encompasses everything we’re looking for: quality product, beautiful packaging, and accessible everyday luxury.

Just last week, I received a sample of their newest launch, Royal Amber. With notes of cedarwood, amber and tonka bean, I knew I would love this as much as their other fragrances. And really, if a fragrance is dark, exotic and moody, I’m an instant fan. If you haven’t tried this fragrance yet, please do so and thank me later!


does it get more calming than this?

pictured: white tea & cedar

Tell us how your brand was created and how the idea was conceived?

The inspiration stems from the history of our company name, which is a family story of Eastern European immigrants who came to the United States in 1892 and landed in Saratoga Springs, NY where they then built a nursery, greenhouse and floral design shop that is still family run today. It is that idea of history and craftsmanship that is truly the basis of everything we do today as a modern design and manufacturing firm

As a design and manufacturing firm for the fragrance category, we have been the go to company for the private label market where we have designed and created fragrance collections for brands that range from Baccarat, Cartier and Harry Winston in the luxury market to more accessible brands such as Crate & Barrel, and even hotels for whom we have done full fragrance portfolios. After many years of perfecting the craft, we felt it was finally time to create a collection that was actually branded Gibson & Dehn.


What is your business background and how did that help you in this industry?

I have actually spent my entire career in this industry working for brands that range from the luxury market to the mass market. I was very fortunate to learn from pioneers in the industry how to build, launch and grow a brand. That experience along with having first hand knowledge of the market and what has been successful and not successful for other brands in the category has been most helpful in bringing to market the Gibson & Dehn collection.


What's been your greatest challenge so far?

I would definitely say the greatest challenge has been creating awareness for our brand. Although we have been in the business for quite some time, our brand name is very new to the actual retail market. Fortunately, we have great team, both in marketing and Public Relations, and our retail partners have been quite successful with the collection, which has helped to continue the growth of our presence in retail stores around the country. Our retailers actually tell us that once customers purchase the product once, they come back for it again, which is the greatest thing to hear because the product is selling itself.


What's been the best and worst surprise when venturing into this?

The best surprise has been how much people really love the product once they actually experience it. The worst surprise is that it just takes time to really grow a brand and the challenge of being patient while allowing the brand to find its place in the market. You have to crawl before you walk!


What’s been your greatest success so far?

Our greatest success since launching the collection[spring of last year] has been our partnership with Neiman Marcus. We launched with them in the fall and our collection has done very well there. I am very proud of that and love working with them. They really support us and it feels like we’re working with family.


What inspires your product packaging and fragrance development?

At heart, we truly are a design firm, so true to who we are, every aspect of the collection is custom designed and manufactured. This is most evident in our custom vessels and our embellished packaging. We have combined these aspects with luxury level components such as an all natural wax blend, cotton, lead free candle wicks and fragrances created by master perfumers at leading fragrance houses throughout the world. We really try to exude and communicate this in all of our marketing efforts so as people learn about us, they really get a great understanding of who we are and why we stand out in the marketplace.

We have always been confident in our ability to create beautiful products, but from day one we have looked for the “why we do it” aspect of our company. We have finally found that and are so excited to give back!

What's launching next? Can you give us a peek into the future? We are actually in the midst of a new spring 2019 launch. This includes our new core fragrance, Royal Amber and our new 20 oz three wick candles done in our custom designed vessels. I am very excited about both additions to the collection. In addition to this, we can now formally announce something we’re really excited about. We have just formed a new partnership with a company called White Field Farm where we have launched our first very own factory and fulfillment center. The location is in a very small town called Clarksville, MO. It is a beautiful but forgotten town on the Mississippi River. The aspect that I am so proud of is that the reason for the new partnership is to provide jobs and opportunities to victims of human trafficking and to residents of Clarksville that are desperate for new opportunities in an effort to attempt to revive the town. Our hope is that this is the first of many to come in other small town American cities around the country.

Gibson and Dehn is available on for wholesale; the collection is available at fine retailers nationwide.

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Your top 3 brands that inspire you and your company.

Baccarat for their timeless classic design, Chanel for their great content marketing. And Warby Parker for their customer experience and “give back” program.


If you could’ve developed any company, which would it be and why?

TOMS…because their incredible give back program.


Your top 5 dream Independent Retail Partners

In no particular order because we love them all:


Stanley Korshack

BD Jeffries

Hoagland’s of Greenwich

Fleur De Lys


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