Magisso is on a mission to beautify your life.

Magisso, a collection of well designed lifestyle products for home, entertaining, and pet.

Magisso, a collection of well designed lifestyle products for home, entertaining, and pet.

Juhani and Anssi, the founders of Magisso, started their design company in 2008 with the dream of creating an international design business, but here’s what’s great: they had no knowledge or experience in design or business. This is the first thing you read in their about section on their website, and immediately upon learning this, I knew I’d love their brand because, tale as old as time, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

I stumbled upon their products while browsing online and I knew I had to have them on The Main Tab. Like all great businesses, they set out to solve a problem, and their problem in 2008 was the dishcloth—that thing that we casually fling around in the kitchen. So in 2009, they launched a magnetic dishcloth holder and the Martha Stewart in all of us breathed a sigh of relief. Since 2009, Magisso has collaborated with several renowned designers, expanded its brand offerings and distribution (available at fine retailers), and have won several awards along the way, most recently the Global Innovation Award for 2019.

Magisso’s collection is vast, ranging from home décor products to tabletop, dining, and my personal favorite: pet. Here are a few of our favorite products they’ve created over the years.

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the hero product

the first launch: the magnetic dish cloth holder, making sinks a better place since 2009.

The Magisso Cloth Holder is an innovation that solves the eternal problem of where to store your dish cloth hygienically. With its unique double magnet fitting, it is easy to install to your sink without any tools and available in three elegant finishes: copper, brass, and black steel.

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(not) spoiled rotten

because your fruits deserve better

Each of these stunning plates is a hand-finished unique piece of art. The surface of the plate minimizes contact between the fruit and the plate, allowing air to flow around the fruit and slowing down the ripening. Create beautiful and long-lasting arrangements easily. The plate is crafted of food safe metal glazed ceramics.

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the unsung hero

because it just always feels fancier than when pouring from the bottle.

The Magisso AERO Carafe exposes wine to maximum air flow as it is poured from a bottle through the modular sections of the AERO Carafe. This softens tannins rounding out texture and refreshes the wine. It all sounds as good as the wine looks, oh and the carafe is mouth blown lead free crystalline glass.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.28.32 PM.png

have your cake

and eat it too

Did you know that the perfect piece of cake is not the entire cake? Disappointing, I know. The iconic Magisso Cake Server makes cutting and serving your favorite cake easier and fancier, safely securing the slice from pie to plate.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.28.58 PM.png

be cool, don’t be

so uncool.

Set the table for a night to remember. The award winning Magisso Cooling Ceramics makes sure that everything you serve stays fresh and cool at the table. Just soak the Cooling Ceramics in water to start the cooling effect and the Cooling Ceramics technology is activated, keeping beverages chilled for hours.

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because puppy eyes

have all the power.

And we saved the best for last. Magisso’s latest technology is for our best friends. The Happy Pet Project Collection is designed to keep water cool and food fresh, all day long. Did you know that cool water reduces the bacterial contamination and encourages the pet to stay hydrated and healthy? We didn’t, but we’re glad we know now. Made of FDA approved ceramics, all you have to do is soak for 60 seconds to activate the 100% natural cooling effect that will last for hours.

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